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Semen therapy (also called semeterapia or sperm therapy) belongs to the group of unconventional traditional medicines. Almost unknown in western countries for cultural and moralistic reasons, instead is very diffused in Far East, specially in Japan. Semen therapy is based on the regular ingestion of sperm; Semen is very rich in proteins, sugars, oligoelements, for that it is compared to the "royal jelly", but with the great advantage that the contained proteins (human origin) are immediately assimilable and perfectly indicated for body's necessities.

The natural virtues of semen

The liquid is characterized by alkaline pH, white-yellow colour, viscous consistency. It contains: fructose, zinc, magnesium, and numerous noble proteins with enzymatic function. The natural virtues attributed to the sperm are multiple: strengthening, antidepressant and anxiolytic effect, pro-energetic, stimulating the immune system. According to prof. Tao Xin, the longevity of the Asian women would depend by the regular consumption that they make of the precious substance.
Recent studies of the famous Australian gynaecologist and scientist Prof. Gustaaf Dekker
have moreover demonstrated that sperm ingestion makes the pregnancy surer and facilitates the conception in the hypo fertile couples.

How to practice sementherapy:
Semen can simply be assumed in the course of an oral intercourse (fellatio) or, if the taste is not appreciated, it's possible to collect it in a glass, adding fruit juice and drinking immediately. Best benefits are obtained with the fresh liquid; conservation is possible in refrigerator, in a well closed glass container, for a maximum of 12 hours. Advisable the assumption 1 or 2 times a week. If you want to try semeterapia, you can find more instructions here.

Important warnings:
remember that with the semen (as moreover with all the sexual activities) could be transmitted some infectious diseases (such as hepatitis B and C; gonorrhoea etc). Therefore is essential be sure of donor's health. Before starting the therapy is opportune blood examination with the following tests: HBsAg, HBsAb, HCV, HIV, TPHA, VDRL. In presence of symptoms contact a specialist (Generalist, Gynaecologist or Dermatologist).

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